Grill Pro Grilling Planks (Maple)

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Grill Pro Maple Grilling Planks

2 X Maple Barbecue Grill Planks with a fine 125g blend of Spices. Inspired by a Pacific Northwest Indian barbecue technique, grilling on Maple planks is one of the best ways around to cook food. The moist plank imparts a haunting meaty flavour. Practically speaking, it also prevents the risk of the fish, ribs or meat sticking to the grill or breaking when you turn it. Plus, it makes a great presentation, especially when you serve the fish or ribs hot off the plank. Includes a mouthwatering Blend of Spices to use as a rub or marinade for your meat or fish.. Now that is Style.......Pork Baby Back Ribs, slightly smoked, served and Cooked to perfection on a Maple grill plank along with a serving of Onion Rings or Apple Slices. * Barbecue Grilling Planks providing an aromatic smoky flavour * Maple is the king of wood for cooking Ribs, Pork or Steak * The planks allow seafood, meat, chicken and vegetables to roast slowly, basting in their own juices, creating a subtle smoky flavour * No fat or oil should be added, as the moisture from the plank keeps your food juicy and flavourful with no nutrient loss * They can be used upto 15 times before discarding * Planks are cut specially to fit in a regular sink for easy soaking Fantastic Value - Recipes and Full instructions, along with Free Spices are all included. Submerge the plank in water for at least 30 minutes. Pre-heat your barbeque to a medium high heat (400°F-425°F / 200°C-220°C). Place the soaked plank onto the grill and close the lid for a couple of minutes until the plank starts to smoke. Then place the food on the plank, re-close the lid and follow the temperature guide in the recipe. If a flame should occur, douse with water as needed or keep a spray bottle handy. Use the plank to serve your meal by placing it on a board or platter. It will be extremely hot, so use tongs, gloves or oven mitts to remove from heat. It can usually be used two or three times.


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