Here at The BBQ Shop & The Gas Centre we offer a variety of BBQ Accessories from Chimney Starters to Bamboo Skewers.  What accessories do you really need to keep you top dog in your outdoor space?

Cleaning Brush! This is a must!!!! I know cleaning isn't as fun as cooking, but if you keep your BBQ clean it will serve you well for a long time! We always suggest and most experts agree, change your brush once a year! There has been a number of horror stories about wire bristles being ingested, but please rest assured no specific product has been found at fault. So once those bristles begin to look damaged, bent or just down right dirty, it's time to replace the brush.

Tongs - Of any shape, size or look are also essential and you don't have to spend a lot of money. A good pair of tongs makes for a happy BBQer! Make sure they are easy to squeeze, allow you to grip on to any items without crushing even the most delicate of foods. They should have a gripping edge that holds on but doesn't cut in to your meats. 

Gloves - There are a lot of gloves on the market. When buying consider how and what you cook on your grill. You need to be able to hold something hot, protect your hands and your lower arms! The BBQ Shop do a brilliant leather glove which allows you to handle hot pots, skewers and that awkward rotisserie rod with ease.

Spatula - A good BBQ Spatula doesn't need to cost a lot or have many gadgets on it. It just needs to easily slip under your food and turn it! 

Thermometer - Using a meat thermometer is the only reliable way to make sure you are cooking your meat to the right temperature! The last thing you want to do is give your guests or family a nice case of Salmonella or E.Coli. We sell a full range of thermometers from wireless to mini. Knowing when to pull your meat off the grill is important for a great eating experience and also to ensure safety.

Charcoal BBQ Chimney Starter - Now this is a definate must when starting up your charcoal BBQ! this device is used to either light lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes. It is the cheapest, safest and most efficient way. NO liquid starter needed equals no nasty flavour on your food! This slender cylinder shape allows the closely stacked coals to ignite and create an intense heat making it a lot quicker than if you were to stack on your grill! 

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