One of the biggest misconceptions is that Gas Heaters are not safe. The biggest fear being, a leak or Carbon Monoxide poisoning or even the threat of an explosion as Gas is combustible. The truth is Gas Heaters are safe! There are built in safety features with most portable heaters, most will turn themselves off if the pilot light is blown out, plus the pilot light analyses the Carbon Dioxide in the room, automatically turning itself off before it reaches a dangerous level. Most gas cylinders are puncture resistant, so the chances of developing a leak are low. If you have attached the cylinder to the unit properly again the chances of there being a leak are very slim. Always check your hose and regulator assembly for any faults. If you want to be completely sure, you can purchase a Carbon Monoxide Alarm.  Always check when buying a heater to what size room is suitable for ventilation, these will vary from heater to heater 

Another question always asked is are they Environmentally friendly? It is a misconception that they are not good for the environment because heaters that use L.P.G, Calor Gas or Butane Gas are Lead and Sulpher free! L.P.G Gas burns cleaner than any other form of fuel, emitting only vapour and carbon dioxide into the air. So if you are going down the Green route L.P.G Gas Heating is an excellent option.

A lot of people think Gas is expensive, what isn't expensive in today's economy? With the rise and fall of oil prices, costs can vary depending on what fuel type you use.  But traditionally L.P.G. is less expensive than standard heating oil.

Another misunderstanding is that gas heaters run out quickly. Again this all depends on the heater and how high you have the settings. To give you some idea, 3 bar heater with a 4.2kw output using a 15kg Gas Bottle will last you appox 50hrs! That is on full heat! We always advise expecially in the winter months to consider keeping a refill to hand, if you run out of L.P.G obtaining a refill is easy! If you are in the Surrey area just give us a call for free delivery 01483 760750 or most petrol stations, garden centres sell fuels so you are never too far away from a supplier.   


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